Community editors…hot or flakey?

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes in read Write web that Community Manager jobs “are hot”, but the first comment wonders if the job might be risky in this economy.

My take on this, is that it all about the stability of the company, and the importance to the company of the job, and how it affects revenue.

In our company we are not dependent on advertising, we can justify this purely on “being really nice and useful to our customers”.  If the CommEdit can do that well, their job is very safe!!


One Response to “Community editors…hot or flakey?”

  1. Guy Clapperton Says:

    The job might be risky but not because of the economy. Essentially nobody ever said ‘the economy’s booming so I’ll put some money behind a time wasting, bad job’ – a role has needed to justify itself in business regardless of external conditions. We have that more in the forefront of our minds right now but it’s always been there – or should be if someone is running a business properly.

    If this is a properly thought out, mission critical (or mission enhancing) role it’ll perform no matter whether money is tight or easy in the community at large.

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