Delay in the hiring process

Sorry to announce that there is a delay in the hiring process.  we are currently (thu15jan09) hiring 2x people who are (very) key to our plans for this year.

We suspended the processing of the applications for this (Online Community Manager / Editor) job, as the other HR project (exec PA  + Project Assistant) has taken more time than we planned, and we have decided to focus on one job at a time.

The job will still go ahead, there are no budget problems (always a worry in these days!), merely a “hours in day” problem.

We hope to start the selection process by end of week 06


2 Responses to “Delay in the hiring process”

  1. robdarwin Says:

    Why did we choose to delay this job, and not the other one(PAPA)?
    Because the PAPA hire will be able to help us with the process, and so we will complete the two projects earlier this time around.

  2. HJ Says:


    Can I tell you a (not-so) secret? I’m very excited about this job indeed – applied for it about 10 days ago, and just sent a follow-up e-mail today.

    I don’t want to come across as arrogant, but call off the search, I’m your man. That job description was written for me. Get in touch, I’d like to buy you lunch and explain some of the cool ideas that I’ve got – and I’d love to hear more about this project, too.

    All the best,

    HJ (initialed for privacy, I don’t particularly want to tell my boss I’m jumping ship quite yet)

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