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Now we have a OCME, how about a AppMngr

June 1, 2009

How to create a job for some someone to support FOSS to commercial customer base (rental London, budget £25-35K, but spec is “early days”)

We want to provide FOSS to our customers (small businesses), we think that it could be really great for them…but…
We need to “package” our services, and we need someone to help package them.

How will we get started?
We will install packages (Sugar CRM, CMS, Zimbra, Asterisk) for internal use, we will also install Kayako, although that’s not FOSS.

Packaging FOSS…
1) A set of “standard” tasks, which we would either automate, or create a standard tariff
2) Only installing it onto a limited set of platforms

Someone to do it
1) Building bridges between a rather “product orientated” operations orientated telco, and a creative (I really don’t want to be flamed) community, who are pretty patient when things don’t work right first time
2) Make sure that we are contributing back to the community
3) Who would like to see FOSS be used more widely in more applications

The job will be in London, and be £25-35K PA + bonus, but at this point we more interested in discussing the job, than reading the CV’s

– Who might be interested (and why)
– How would the FOSS community feel about this (PS we really think that we have some things to contribute in return0
– What kind of skills and experience to make this job a success


We have a new OCME…will that make me a better blogger?

June 1, 2009

We now have a new OCME (Online Community Manager / Editor), and she is now going up the learning curve, and going through the induction process (all sorts of opportunity for indoctrination jokes).  Anyway day2 and she has not run away screaming… looking good!

Now should we start a Blog on how this job is turning out…well let’s see

There is now the issue that I really ought to get a bit better at this blogging business (makes blogging sound like a swearword!)